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Forthcoming Events



Sunday 26th August- Worldwide Womb Blessing


Join us in the Red tent to receive the beautiful womb blessing energy and share

with thousands of other women all over the world who will be receiving at the same time.


Enjoy the benefits of receiving the World Wide Womb Blessing in the presence of Moon Mothers

- through their initiation with Miranda, the vibration of the Blessing energy within their bodies

acts as a catalyst for the energy, bringing deeper experiences and more energy to your group.


You will need to bring:

a shawl to wear

2 Womb Blessing bowls (any small bowls to contain a candle and drinking water)

1 tea light candle

an item for the altar

something nice to eat to share to help ground at the end of the event


This is for all women, with or without a womb, who have menstruated. Young girls cannot receive the Womb Blessing until after they have had their first menstruation.


“The Divine Feminine runs with you on your path.

Tell her your goals, desires, quests and imaginings.

She laughs with joy at all the things you will do together.”      

From the book ‘Spiritual Messages for Women’ by Miranda Gray







Tuesday 11th - Women's World Peace Circle




£8 per person


On this night we will sit in circle and meditate and send out our love and intentions for world peace.

It is 17 years since the events of 9/11 - no matter what you believe happened on that day and who the perpretrators were, it was a tragedy

in which many people died and which also led to many wars and much violence and hatred over the intervening years.


Our meditation will focus on connecting with our own inner peace from where we will send out our intentions for world peace.


All women are welcome - the more of us there are, the more powerful will be our intention, so please join us.


We provide hot and cold drinks and healthy snacks.



Thursday 27th - Red Tent Women's Circle




£8 per person


Our gatherings are on the second Tuesday and last Thursday of every month. All women are welcomed to our

circle. Come as you are and be nurtured and nourished.


We provide hot and cold drinks and healthy snacks.


Give me a call on 07825447756 for further information and address.



Sunday 16th - Seasons of Menopause Journey For Women (Autumn)


Have you noticed changes in your cycle? Are you fearful of menopause? Maybe you are in the throes of menopause and are struggling to understand what is happening to you? You are not alone.  This is about empowering women through holistic education. We look at menopause in a positive way and help women step into and claim their power.  We promote natural alternatives to physical and emotional menopausal symptoms. We encourage women to come along and learn about menopause as a life-enhancing, powerful rite-of-passage.







Sunday 14th - Yoga for the Yoni - Jade Egg Workshop


Join international teacher and sexual healer Kalindi Jordan as she facilitates

this powerful full-day workshop at Red Tent Bournemouth!


There are five spaces remaining.




Learn how to use your Jade egg safely and effectively. The Jade egg practice assists in toning and strengthening the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, as well as creating a life-changing restorative connection to your pelvis and sensuality.


10am to 5pm. Bring a yoga mat, blanket, lunch, water bottle and yoni egg. Kalindi will have a few yoni eggs for sale.


£55 per person


Bookings are via this link:




Please tell me once you've booked.


BIg love ♥














20141213_182522 20141221_122706 Me at Menarche Ceremony in Red Tent March 2014 Kalindi Johnson