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By helengialias, Mar 25 2016 12:04AM

I am working with a woman at the moment to help her with hormonal related weight gain - she has insatiable cravings for chocolate and carbs during her pre-menstrual phase. So far, using homeopathic remedies to balance her hormones, nutritional advice and coaching, she is doing really well and her desire for unhealthy foods has reduced.

This article by Alisa Vitti talks about some alternatives to unhealthy food choices:

The cure for PMS cravings is food!

Many of the women I’ve worked with over the years have struggled to maintain their otherwise healthy eating habits when they’re in their pre-menstrual or luteal phase. It’s then that their resolve is weakest. I get it – the intense cravings that PMS brings can derail the best of us.

But I’ve also met with many women too for whom a day that doesn’t start with coffee and end with a big bowl of pasta is rare. Their cravings become the crutches that get them through the work week.

Maintaining a nourishing, nurturing diet to balance your hormones throughout your cycle will go a long way towards lessening the urge to reach for unhealthy foods.

I help women tackle the root cause of why they feel that they just have to have something that they really shouldn’t. I also know that sometimes having a healthy, tasty alternative on hand can work wonders in curbing an urgent appetite.

Coffee – why do I feel like I need it?

Your coffee habit is the result adrenal fatigue. Your body is lacking cortisol and desperately desires a boost to get you through the day.

What’s the alternative?

You don’t need to go cold turkey, a step down method will be much more effective and long-lasting. Try a yerba mate tea instead. This will still provide the caffeine you crave, but most women find it has less of the unpleasant side effects associated with coffee, like the anxiety and jitters. Transition after a few weeks to kukicha tea, which has a nutty, non-herbal flavor profile as it’s made from roasting the twigs that grow right below tea leaves. Kukicha still contains some caffeine, but not enough to negatively impact your health. Mixing kukicha with Oatstraw and Holy Basil tea will help support your adrenals and bring them back in balance.

Chocolate – why do I have to have it NOW?

Your fixation on chocolate comes down to one of two health issues – a magnesium deficiency or an overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeast in your gut, which makes you crave sugar. If this craving really gets you when your pre-menstrual, start taking magnesium supplements daily.

What’s the alternative?

The GREAT news here is that chocolate is a superfood and I eat a little chocolate most days myself, BUT it’s all about what kind of chocolate you have. Chocolate with dairy and sugar is a no-go, but good quality, organic, dark chocolate with minimal or, even better, no sugar or dairy at all is not only a great alternative, but actually good for you. Try my favorite brand Endangered Species.

You can actually get a lot of chocolate into your diet by getting creative with raw cacao powder. Add that to smoothies, sprinkle on fruit salad

Pasta – why do I dream about it?

When only white carbs will do – be that a big pile of spaghetti or a loaf of white bread – typically it’s blood sugar instability and vitamin B deficiency that’s the problem behind-the-scenes. Your hormones are finding it hard to help you gage real hunger pangs and forcing you into a frenzy. Often a routine of eating very little or sporadically during the day leads to a huge white carb-heavy dinner.

What’s the alternative?

Instead of feeling like you need to eliminate this food group altogether, it’s better to incorporate healthy carbs into your daily meals. That’s oatmeal for breakfast, buckwheat at lunch, quinoa for dinner – these will all fill you up quicker than white bread and white pasta, keep your blood sugar stable, boost B vitamin stores, plus they will curb the cravings. Eating well and regularly will also help you avoid that end of day crash and the resulting carbo-load.

~ Alisa Vitti. Read the entire article here: http://www.floliving.com/pms-week-cravings-demystified/…

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